DF8080M 8in/8out Digital Audio(Conference) Matrix Processor

● 32 bit SHARC DSP 96kHz sampling rate 24 bit AD/DA.
● +48V phantom power MIC/LINE input gain switchable MIC input sensitivity adjustable.
● Input including low-cut independent feedback inhibition PEQ noise gate gain mute phase link adjustment and volume adjustment.
● Output including X-over PEQ Gain mute compressor/limiterphase delay and link adjustment and volume adjustment.
● All PEQ Gain bandwidth frequency continues adjustment. Type can be select by PEAK H-SHELF L-SHELF LOW CUT HIGH CUT ALLPASS1 ALLPASS2......

Model : DF8080M
Name : Digital Audio(Conference) Matrix Processor
Price : Welcome to negotiate
Size : L*W*H 482*254*44MM


DF8080M    8in/8out Digital Matrix Processor

● 32 bit SHARC DSP, 96kHz sampling rate, 24 bit  AD/DA.
● +48V phantom power, MIC/LINE input gain switchable, MIC input sensitivity adjustable.
● Input including, low-cut, independent feedback inhibition, PEQ, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, link adjustment and volume adjustment.
● Output including X-over, PEQ, Gain, mute, compressor/limiter,phase, delay and link adjustment and volume
● All PEQ Gain, bandwidth, frequency continues adjustment. Type can be select by PEAK, H-SHELF, L-SHELF, LOW
● All inputs/outputs  can do Matrix, and all the input and output channel name can be changed.
● All the input and output with independent phase curve adjust function, PEQ style choose ALLPASS1 is 180° curve
   adjust, ALLPASS2 is 360° curve adjust.
● All high cut, low-cut filter type can be select by Butterworth, Link witz-Riley, Bessel, slope can be chosen.
● Noise gate's threshold, time, ratio can be adjustment for inputs, compessor, limiter, ratio, time can be adjustment for outputs.
● Maximal delay time 680mS for all input/output channels.
● Pre settings can copy for every single channel, every channel can do linkadjust.
● Every input and output channel PEQ curve adjusting picture can be found  when you are in any input and  output.
● Unique design for EFX channel, has professional ECHO&REVERB double engine multiple stereo effectors inside.
   Can realize the meeting according to different voices to beautify and modify personalized , and also perfectly support various performance and karaoke effector requirement, very suitable for conference rooms, multifunctional halls, hotels, private clubs and other complex, with multiple function demand for the occasion.
● AUX channle has powerful mixing function, such as threshold, level, attack time. release time, continually adjustment. also with the automatic function of camera-tracking. thresohold, level, attack&release time. Etc... And also with independent PEQ processing function.
● Inside single generator(pink,white noise and 20~20K sine wave,  amplitude adjustable ).
● USB port, RS232,485 and net ports remote control at rear panel. Easy for user's operations.
● 21 user presets can be save and recall, maximal 250 units can be link together via ID settings. Password protection
   function for high level  applications.
System specification Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz,-0.3dB
Dynamic range >115dBu
T.H.D. <0.008% at 1kHz(0dBu)
Crosstalk >70dBu,20Hz-20kHz
C.M.R.R >75dBu 1KHz
MIC input section Type Balance
Phantom power +48V DC
Gain 50dBu
Impedance 2k ohm
Music input section Type Balance
Gain 35dBu
Max input level +18dBu
Impedance >10k ohm
Output section Type Balance
Max output level +18dBu
Impedance <500Ω
Digital Processing 24bit sigma-delta A/D、D/A convert
32 bit SHARC DSP,96kHz sampling rate
Power supply AC 95V-250V  50/60Hz
Dimension(L*W*H) 482*254*44MM